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Forest Folk Postcard 1930s

The Forest Folk Hotel was built in 1926. An Austin Seven motorcar is parked in front of the building whilst a bus can be seen entering the left of the picture. Source: Private Collection.

Stage 10

The Forest Folk Hotel

The Forest Folk Hotel built in 1926 as part of Blidworth colliery village, stood at the busy crossroads of Mansfield Road, Dale Lane and Main Street, where the ‘new’ colliery village and the old rural part of the village meet and was named after the novel by James Prior.

A popular village pub for nearly 80 years The Forest Folk was demolished in 2005 to make way for a convenience store. James Prior’s novel was enshrined not only in the name of the pub, but inside, a series of stained glass windows featuring hunting scenes from Prior’s story depicted rural life which predated the sinking of the colliery. Some of these windows survived demolition and are located in Blidworth Mission Hall in the heart of the colliery village.

Hounds from Forest Folk

Stained glass windows in The Forest Folk Hotel depicted hunting scenes inspired by James Prior’s novel. Picture Source: Dr Tony Shaw.

James Prior Kirk planter and plaque

Commemorative planter for James Prior Kirk (1850-1922). The writer dropped the name ‘Kirk’ after an argument with his father. Picture Source: Paul Fillingham.

Blidworth Rocking Cradle

The ‘Blidworth Rocking Sculpture’ commemorates a traditional ceremony held at St Mary’s Church, where the baby boy born closest to Christmas in the village is rocked in a cradle decorated with flowers. Picture Source: Paul Fillingham.

Mansfield Road 1920s

Blidworth’s first council houses were built along Mansfield Road in the 1920’s before the arrival of the colliery village. This road was referred to as ‘Brick’ins’ on account of the brick kilns that existed on the site now forming Tippings Wood. Picture Source: Blidworth in Old Picture Postcards.

To return to Blidworth Library, proceed along Mansfield Road. On the right you will pass a series of stone cottages, set back from the road. Before the colliery village was built, these dwellings, once known as Mount Pleasant were the most easterly houses of the village.

Mount Pleasant Postcard

The Cottages known as Mount Pleasant. Picture Source: Blidworth in Old Picture Postcards.


Continue along Mansfield Road until you reach the pedestrian island just before the bus stop – here you can cross the road safely.

After crossing the road, continue a short distance along Mansfield Road, past the Post Office, then turn left onto the steep hill which is New Lane.  A short distance up the hill you will see Blidworth Library on your left.