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Blidworth Methodist Church
Stage 4

Methodist Church

Wesleyan Chapel

The Wesleyan Chapel was built in 1837, on the site of the original chapel which was established in 1787.

The Wesleyan belief in reading holy scriptures to achieve perfection, evolved under the leadership of John Wesley in the eighteenth century. The Wesleyan Chapel housed a library, and a day school, which continued until a purpose-built school was constructed to the rear of the building in 1885. Today’s modern Methodist Chapel which stands at the junction of Main Street and Field lane was constructed in 1930.

Wesleyan School Photograph 1910

Children from the Wesleyan School in 1910.

Behind the school building is a field that is still known as ‘Mill croft’. This was the location of a post mill. There were two post mills in the village, unlike the tower mill, these were designed so that the whole body of the mill rotates into the wind on a single vertical post. The post mill on ‘Mill Croft’ was demolished in 1897 and this location was used for village galas until the building of the colliery village in the early 1920s.

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