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Station Street Shops

Station Street Shops in the 1920s. Source: Kirkby Heritage Centre.

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Station Street Shops

Today, family food shopping and household goods are mainly bought from large supermarkets such as Morrison’s, Tesco, Asda and Aldi. Many stores also offer the convenience of online ordering and delivery services.

In the past, shopping trips were very different and involved buying goods and services from a number of small specialised shops. The independent stores located on Kirkby-in-Ashfield’s Station Street, Kingsway and Low Moor Road sold a variety of goods including – meat, vegetables, clothes, footwear, electrical goods, stationery and other essentials.


Station Street Shops 1965

Station Street Shops in 1965. Source: Kirkby Heritage Centre.

Station Street Shops 1970s

Station Street Shops, Kirkby-in-Ashfield in the 1970s. Source: Kirkby Heritage Centre.

‘I can remember when each main road, Station Street, Low Moor Road and Kingsway, had the same type of shops sometimes next door by about four to one, another selling the same things. You’d have a greengrocer, a grocer, a chemist, a wool shop, more than one electrical shop and a toy shop…I remember the pork butchers always used to have the hams hanging out.’


Source: June Wykes in ‘Kirkby: A Peoples History’, 2002.


List of Station Street shops from 1945

List of Station Street shops in 1942. Source: Kirkby Heritage Centre

Advertisements for Station Street shops from the 1960s

Advertisements for Station Street shops from the 1960s. Source: Kirkby Heritage Centre.

In 1970, a shopping precinct replaced old terraced housing near to Low Moor Road. It included a new Co-operative store (Co-op) which replaced the old Co-op store on Low Moor Road. Co-op members got a dividend or divvy when shopping at the Co-op which was a divide or share of the profits. Nowadays it is called economic participation. Dividends were obtained on purchases and were paid in tokens once or twice yearly.

Many older family members remember their Co-op divvy number. Kirkby-in-Ashfield precinct closed in 2010 and was demolished. Morrison’s Store and its car park now occupy the site. The only original building from the Precinct that remains is Kirkby-in-Ashfield library.

Shopping Precinct

Kirkby-in-Ashfield’s 1970’s shopping precinct, prior to demolition in 2010. Source: David Amos.

His street banking

Trustee Savings Bank (TSB) Kirkby-in-Ashfield in the 1970s. Source: Kirkby Heritage Centre.

Bank opening hours 1969

Station Street banks opening hours, 1969. Source: Kirkby Heritage Centre.

Station Street was also home to several banks including Barclays, the Trustees Savings Bank and Westminster, but these all closed by the third decade of the 21st century as more people moved to on-line banking and towards a cashless society.