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Trail Brinsley Circular

Excerpt from Odour of Chysanthemums by DH Lawrence, read in local dialect by David Amos. (30 seconds).


The house was quiet. Elizabeth Bates took off her hat and shawl and rolled back the rug. When she had finished she sat down. It was a few minutes past nine. She was startled by the rapid chuff of the winding engine at the pit and the sharp whirl of the brakes on the rope as it descended. Again she felt the painful sweep of her blood and she put her hand unto her side, saying aloud ‘Good gracious. It’s only the nine o’clock Deputy going down.’

Every Man was Singing – Eastwood Collieries Male Voice Choir. Photography and sound, Ian Webster MC, Eastwood Collieries Male Voice Choir. (2 minutes, 56 seconds).

The 1883 Brinsley Colliery explosion (Audio) Read by David Amos

Sons and Lovers Film Poster

Poster for the 1960 film production of Lawrence’s ‘Sons and Lovers’.  Crowd shots for the mining accident scenes were filmed on location at Brinsley Colliery. The film won several oscars, including; Best Cinematography (black and white) and the Golden Globe Award (USA) for best Director.

Reverend Cobb image

Reverend Cobb was a photographer in the early part of the twentieth century who documented working class life in and around Eastwood. This image shows teenage miners with pit ponies underground at Brinsley Colliery.

Brinsley Headstocks 1970s

After the pit closed, Brinsley headstocks seen here in the 1970s, were moved to the Mining Training Centre at Lound Hall near Retford. They were returned to their present location in 1991. (Picture source: Ron Storer).

Brinsley Headstocks – From Black to Green.