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[High-level description]. A short, [xx]-minute historic walk through [location] country


Map placeholder image 1280x1280px. Can be any height. Numbered location points are added as Photoshop layers. After location points are added, a jpeg version of the image is uploaded to the imagemap creation service to generate co-ordinates for the HTML imagemap. The image URL has to be copied from the WordPress Media Library and inserted into the Imagemap code snippet above. Editing must be performed in text view or WordPress may modify the code and break the interactivity.

Add a short description about the map to give context. Explore the trail and learn about the history of the [Title] and how this location [add more detail]

View historic pictures and video, listen to music, and [add more detail of the media clips included]

After the trail, enjoy refreshments in [add location detail]

Take care when editing titles and destination URLs for the buttons. Ensure that both text AND stage module are linked.


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